June 18, 2018

Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Better Listing Presentations

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Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Better Listing Presentations

Pre-meeting prep

  • Review any listing materials provided by your company
  • Ask sales associates to bring copies of their own listing packages to share

Print for yourself:

Print one for each participant:

Successful listing is a combination of careful research, innovative marketing, and cultivated sensitivity to the personalities and concerns of prospective clients. By helping to improve the listing skills of your sales associates, you help ensure prosperity for them and for your company.

Use this tool kit—including ready to go agenda, activities, and talking points—to help your salespeople improve their listing presentations and their rate of success in securing new listings.

These notes will guide you and your salespeople through a discussion and activities on making better listing presentations.

Running Time: 45 minutes

  1. Welcome, background, and objectives (3 min.)
  2. Activity 1: Selling the Benefits of You (5 min.)
  3. Activity 2: Constructing a Listing Presentation (12 min.)
  4. Handout 1: Listing Presentation Tips ( 5 min.)
  5. Activity 3: Thinking on Your Feet (10 min.)
  6. Handout 2: Pricing Pointers (5 min.)
  7. Handout 3: Sellers’ Homework Checklist (5 min.)
  8. Other resources and adjourn (3 min.)
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