March 23, 2018

Ad Copy in a Nutshell

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Ad Copy in a Nutshell

Don’t waste your money putting unwanted info into your ads. Here’s what will get buyers to call.

  • Location & neighborhood
  • Price or price range
  • A picture
  • Layout or floor plan
  • Total number of rooms
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Lot size & square footage of house
  • Community details
  • Amenities & features

Source: Newspaper Association of America’s 2001 Newspaper Advertising Planbook

Stuck for something to say? Try these ad headlines and teasers.

  • New listing: Be First; Premier Offering; Ready for Inspection; It Only Takes One; Sneak Preview.
  • Open house: Opening Night; Come on Down; Be Our Guest; Open for Admiration; Come and Compare; See You At (time); You Missed a Great Open House (for second open house).
  • Starter home: Buyer-Friendly; A Great First Home; Beauty, Warmth, and Value; Take the Plunge.
  • Luxury home: If You’re Choosy; It Doesn’t Get Any Better; Perfection Plus; A Special Place; Designer’s Dream.
  • Any home: One Look Will Do; Make the Discovery; Something Special; Set for Living; A Classic; Is Quality Important?
  • Renovation: Just a Little Imagination; A Little Loving Care; Do a Little, Save a Lot; Like Challenges?; A Great Opportunity.
  • Humor/Catchy: Want to Know a Secret?; Finder's Keepers; Sick of Looking?
  • Architecture: Touched by Tradition; Historic Charm; Vintage; Built to Last; Sleek and Modern; Very Now; Highlight the architectural style of the home.
  • Amenities: Shaded patio; Room for a grand piano; Perfect for family gatherings; Everything a cook could want; Private sanctuary.
  • Great adjectives: Gracious; open; sunny; efficient; cozy; warm; roomy; convenient; relaxing; stately; spacious; polished; rustic; worry-free; tranquil; snug; stunning; affordable.
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