December 17, 2017

Ready-Made Transaction Checklists

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Ready-Made Transaction Checklists

In order to keep track of important information and monitor your transaction progress, REALTOR® Magazine has put together the following forms for you to download, fill out, and customize as needed:

Transaction Checklist

Download and fill out the Transaction Checklist to consolidate all information during your transaction. If you're representing the buyer, you can also send this document to the sellers' representatives, (or vice versa), so that they have the information as well.

Sellers' Progress Checklist

Give sellers this Seller's Progress Checklist to track their responsibilities during the transaction. When filling out the form, tell the sellers to think about all pertinent responsibilities as they relate to the transaction. For instance, if it's a condominium transaction, is there a right of refusal document involved? Make sure the sellers keep this form and update it as necessary.

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