April 25, 2017

4 Networks Worth Knowing

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4 Networks Worth Knowing

Here are some buzz-generating social media sites worth checking out:

Pinterest  Find enticing images from the Web to “pin” on virtual pinboards. (You may need copyright permission.) For real estate: Share beautiful designs with clients. (www.pinterest.com)

Rapportive  Know more about who’s e-mailing you with this browser plug in for Gmail. For real estate: Get instant intelligence on prospects. (www.rapportive.com)

Zaarly  Need odd jobs done in a hurry? Through Zaarly, you list details of your job and what you are willing to pay. Others bid to get the job. For real estate: Find someone to put up those “Open House” signs fast. (www.zaarly.com)

Personal  Social networks typically  share the content you provide with third-party vendors. Personal, by contrast, is a private site that you build and manage access to.  For real estate: Share data, pictures, and documents, or just keep information in the virtual cloud as a backup.  (www.personal.com)

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