December 19, 2014

Technology: Feature Articles

  • Tue, 09/01/2009

    Check out this list of social media sites that real estate professionals are using to reach out to new customers.

  • Mon, 06/01/2009

    Practitioners are lending out preprogrammed automotive GPS devices to customers, who can use the technology to guide them from home to home. And some new in-car GPS products have Web access, which adds the ability to upload or remove addresses in real time, while customers are on the road.

  • Wed, 04/01/2009

    Get the most from social media tools by following these basic rules.

  • Wed, 04/01/2009

    You've got nothing to lose by checking out these free online resources.

  • Wed, 04/01/2009

    Turn your iPhone into a business power tool with some of these free or inexpensive applications.

  • Wed, 04/01/2009

    Texting is becoming a more common way for clients to communicate with you. To decipher their message and send a quick reply, you should know the common shorthand.

  • Sun, 03/01/2009

    If tech costs are pinching your budget these days, here’s an easy way to cut back without getting behind the curve: Download some of the free or extremely low-cost software applications available online.

  • Mon, 12/01/2008

    Today’s real estate professional can create "mashups" by taking a service from one Web site and pairing it with the data from another site, creating a hybrid Web application whose value surpasses the original components. The value of mashups as marketing tools is limited only by the available data and your creativity.

  • Sat, 11/01/2008

    RSS can help real estate practitioners manage e-mails, publicize blog entries and tailor information for specific audiences.

  • Mon, 09/01/2008

    Take the necessary steps to protect your digital assets. A few simple measures and a few critical minutes can make the difference between happiness and tragedy.