April 25, 2015

Technology: Feature Articles

  • Fri, 09/26/2014

    Curious about implementing 3-D listing technology in your business? Here’s a guide to getting started.

  • Thu, 09/04/2014

    These add-ons will make sorting through your inbox a much less painful experience.

  • Thu, 08/14/2014

    Your clients are spending more time on their mobile devices; so should you. Operating exclusively on mobile devices allows you to be quicker and more responsive to people’s needs.

  • Mon, 07/14/2014

    At the Realogy FWD Innovation Summit in June, tech companies unveiled their latest offerings: state-of-the-art listing presentations, simplified online house hunts, and more.

  • Wed, 07/02/2014

    By now, you know your business needs a mobile presence. Does that mean you need your own app? We'll walk you through the process.

  • Fri, 06/06/2014

    We’re so hooked on Facebook that it seems we’ve forgotten about other social sites. Practitioners tell us how they work other platforms to benefit their business.

  • Wed, 05/14/2014

    Facebook is a powerful way to stay in touch with your past clients, friends, and sphere. It’s also great way to show your network the multifaceted you. But Facebook is for friendship and sharing, not for selling, so be a personality, not a salesperson, when you post or update your status.

  • Wed, 05/14/2014

    We talked to readers to find out which technology solutions and techniques work for their businesses, and why.

  • Wed, 05/14/2014

    Here’s how using Google Analytics can help you transfer your knowledge of a successful sales campaign to that of your site’s performance. 

  • Wed, 05/14/2014

    Google Analytics is a free service to track your website’s visitors, but you have to get into your site’s back end so the service can collect the data you’re asking for.