June 18, 2018

4 Computer Terms You Should Know

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4 Computer Terms You Should Know

Technology is contributing hundreds of words to the English language. Some are just for computer geeks. Others are worth knowing since technology drives so much of your business today.

1. Encryption: This type of software scrambles your confidential information to keep it secure so that it can be accessed only by using a special code or password. Most computers contain built-in software, so you can encrypt data in just a few steps. Also, when you visit a Web site, look for a tiny lock in the lower right-hand corner or the prefix “https” rather than “http” in the URL to see whether the site is encrypted. If the site isn’t encrypted, any information you transfer over the Internet is sent exactly the way you typed it and has the potential to be read by someone else.

2. Search engine optimization: This process helps ensure that your Web site appears high in a list of search engine results when a consumer conducts a search using keywords related to real estate in your area. Many vendors offer help in boosting rankings, emphasizing such practices as refreshing content often, using the same keywords in both your page content and HTML coding, and including a lot of links.

3. Two factor authentication: This extra layer of security requires you to prove your identity in two ways before accessing information or the Internet from your computer or other device. For example, unlocking a lockbox might require you to swipe a smart card and then key in a personal identification number. Or you might use a biometric fingerprint reader and password to access your laptop.

4. RETS: Short for Real Estate Transaction Standard, RETS provides a common language so that computers can more easily transfer real estate information such as MLS data to other computer programs or Web sites. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and other industry groups launched RETS in 1999.

Source:Keith Garner, managing director, NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Technology

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