March 28, 2015

Technology: Cool Tools Articles

  • Wed, 03/18/2015

    At the Consumer Electronics Show, companies introduced an array of products to keep you at the top of your game.

  • Wed, 01/21/2015

    Here’s a tiny, yet powerful, tool to keep your listings tidy.

  • Wed, 01/21/2015

    Sick of lugging a laptop around for typing tasks on the go? Now you can project a keyboard almost anywhere.

  • Wed, 01/21/2015

    This free tool can help you learn from common writing mistakes and choose clearer language for all types of communication.

  • Mon, 11/24/2014

    A tool billed by its creator as the "Carfax for homes" can put prospects at ease about the purchase process. It could also be a smart way to stay in contact with past clients.

  • Tue, 10/07/2014

    You don't have to be fluent in multiple languages to work with international buyers. Here are some handy resources to get you started.

  • Wed, 09/17/2014

    A beautiful new tech tool sets out to help you be both secure and edgy.

  • Wed, 09/17/2014

    This app will keep your services top of mind while also helping new home owners stay on top of maintenance chores.

  • Wed, 09/17/2014

    You can’t beat an app from the Census Bureau when it comes to accurate demographics about your local area—or the rest of the country, for that matter.

  • Wed, 07/16/2014

    Here are ideas for getting deals done better and faster for your customers—and even their kids.