March 24, 2018

Sell Your Community With Enhanced Information

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Sell Your Community With Enhanced Information

You can use REALTORS Property Resource® to become the expert on your market area.

Did you know you can find comprehensive information on specific neighborhoods using the REALTORS Property Resource®?

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Search for a neighborhood, and you’ll see tabs with data covering such topics as the number of households with children, presidential voting patterns, and even the weather. It’s free, and only for REALTORS®.

Here’s an overview of the tabs and the information you can pull into neighborhood reports.

  • “Summary” shows you average home values over time and local populations broken down by age group.
  • “Housing” provides in-depth information on changing home prices, the sizes of homes sold, and prices per square foot for the neighborhood.
  • “People” shows demographics including median ages, male-to-female ratios, and the percentages of college graduates.
  • “Economy” includes median income and the unemployment rate.
  • “Quality of Life” notes factors affecting day-to-day life (and the decision to move) such as average commuting times, annual snowfall, and water-quality violations.
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