May 21, 2018

Tell Us What's Happening In the Trenches

Tell Us What's Happening In the Trenches

A classic example from our September 1989 issue, back when the series was called "From the Trenches"

Selling property is an emotional business. We often write about how you alleviate your clients’ worries and smooth the transaction process. But your emotions deserve attention also. What are the most surprising, heartwarming, oddball, or humorous situations you’ve encountered on the job?

For years, REALTOR® Magazine featured true tales of crazed animals at a showing, unusual car troubles, and days that feel more like sitcom episodes than real life. During its hiatus, many have asked us to bring this feature back. So you’ll see them again on the back page of the magazine.

Please submit your story, in fewer than 600 words, along with your contact information, in the form below. We can't wait to share your experience from the trenches!

If you have questions about this series, please contact Senior Editor Graham Wood at