April 20, 2018

Sales & Marketing: Success Stories Articles

  • Tue, 03/01/2011

    While many practitioners seek success on a wider plain, Ed Savard is happy cultivating his own fertile territory.

  • Sat, 01/01/2011

    Anastasia Stephanopoulos promised her clients she'd complete a challenging sale. When finances went south, she stayed the course.

  • Mon, 11/01/2010

    The business-planning skills that Carol Sawdey gained from her prior career in financial services gave her a jump start in real estate. Here are her tips for having a good rookie year.

  • Mon, 03/01/2010

    The Gassets found great success in pursuing expired listings in the tough Florida market. Here are some selling tips from the couple.

  • Fri, 01/01/2010

    Instead of taking it easy over the holidays, Erica Ramus committed to developing an annual routine that she tweaks as needed to make sure January is always one of her strongest months. Here are highlights of Ramus' end-of-year sprint, which starts in early October.

  • Sun, 11/01/2009

    Fran Hoover got into the business to make money, but found her pro bono role as a "closing angel" to be far more rewarding.

  • Fri, 05/01/2009

    Seanlai Cochrane and Laura Cox didn’t start out as super heroes. Now everyone knows them as The WonderWomen Team.

  • Sun, 03/01/2009

    While blindness might sound like a deal-breaker for pursuing a career in such a visual field as real estate, Lifsey has refused to let her disability prevent her from reaching her professional goals.

  • Mon, 12/01/2008

    Closing a short sale is tough—all that complicated paperwork and those lengthy negotiations. Working with foreign buyers can also have its challenges—acquainting far-flung prospects with a whole new set of laws and financing procedures.

  • Mon, 09/01/2008

    A Nebraskan sales associate splits her time between first-time home buyers and the National Guard.