April 29, 2017

Sales & Marketing: My First Year Articles

  • Thu, 03/02/2017

    I had no idea how to handle my first seller lead. I failed to get the business, and here’s what I learned from that experience.

  • Tue, 01/03/2017

    When you’re new to real estate, prospective clients may question whether you have the skill to represent them. These scripts emphasize your drive and work ethic over transaction history and will help put clients’ minds at ease.

  • Thu, 12/01/2016

    On day one as a real estate agent, Peter Murray started looking for important influencers to help him grow his clientele. Here’s where he found them.

  • Wed, 09/07/2016

    You may think you should start spending right away on big-time marketing and expensive lead-generation tools. But when you’re starting out in real estate, it’s best to keep things simple and save your cash.

  • Wed, 08/03/2016

    When you learn to adapt scripts to your style and internalize them, you won’t sound like a salesperson anymore.

  • Mon, 02/08/2016

    Do you think you can’t compete with agents who have more experience or knowledge in the market? You need to define your own value.

  • Fri, 01/01/2016

    Agents often think of open houses as a waste of time because they don’t always attract serious buyers. But if you use it to showcase the lifestyle a home offers, it could do the trick. Here are three instances where open houses closed the deal.

  • Mon, 11/02/2015

    The courses you took to get your license probably didn’t cover these common pitfalls. Here, we’ll teach you how to be better prepared.

  • Tue, 09/01/2015

    Beth Lam lost three transactions in 36 hours — the only deals she had lined up in her first year in real estate. Somehow, she found the will to keep going.

  • Wed, 07/22/2015

    You need to know how your peers are conducting business in order to stand out. Here’s where to start gathering information.