March 24, 2018

Sales & Marketing: Feature Articles

  • Thu, 11/12/2015

    When you're developing a vision for more walkable neighborhoods in your community, take it one step at a time.

  • Wed, 11/04/2015

    If the items you share online are all about buying or selling a home, you’re missing chances to appeal to future customers who aren’t quite ready to make a move. Here’s how to target everyone with your content.

  • Wed, 10/28/2015

    It takes skill and focus to help clients juggle selling and buying at the same time.

  • Wed, 10/28/2015

    If you want clients to recommend you to others, stay in their lives well after the transaction. Here are tips to earn their loyalty.

  • Thu, 10/22/2015

    If your listing’s sinister reputation is turning off traditional buyers, try appealing to a different crowd by advertising it for what it is.

  • Thu, 10/01/2015

    When crafting a tagline for your branding, decide whether you want to be known for your expertise or your actions.

  • Wed, 09/16/2015

    Effective give-and-take communication requires sensitivity and certain formalities. Here’s how to keep a solid deal from derailing.

  • Thu, 09/10/2015

    Your buyers can avoid their own homeowner association horror story by keeping an eye out for these items during the search.

  • Mon, 08/10/2015

    While location is important, it’s only part of the equation – it’s not the whole package. Homes in distressed neighborhoods or crowded areas can be tricky to sell, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

  • Mon, 07/20/2015

    If you're looking for the best way to serve your client, you won't find out by asking about bedroom count, square footage, or price.