May 20, 2018

Sales & Marketing: Feature Articles

  • Wed, 05/13/2015

    They're not your relatives, but buyers' parents can bring on another tricky family dynamic.

  • Wed, 05/13/2015

    When buyers’ expectations are as high as the sky, it’s up to you to bring them back to Earth. Here are some suggestions.

  • Wed, 05/13/2015

    Salespeople speak candidly about why they switched companies. Their insights get to the heart of a critical industry challenge: agent retention.

  • Wed, 05/13/2015

    When friends or loved ones become your clients, make the business relationship your priority.

  • Mon, 05/11/2015

    New homes have an array of advantages over existing ones, but buyers who want to contract a build have a lot of pros and cons to weigh.

  • Thu, 05/07/2015

    If you need someone to translate for you when working with foreign buyers, make sure you can truly trust them to communicate on your behalf.

  • Fri, 04/17/2015

    If you commit any of these offenses, then it's no wonder clients will pass you by.

  • Thu, 04/09/2015

    The same components that rocketed the legendary musician to superstardom can make you a rock-star salesperson.

  • Wed, 03/18/2015

    Technology captures leads, but the human touch turns them into clients.

  • Wed, 03/18/2015

    Online personas are a window into who you are as a professional. Are you sending the right message to people who find you on the Internet?