May 22, 2018

5 Ways to Keep a Positive Outlook

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5 Ways to Keep a Positive Outlook

One of the most important things real estate practitioners give consumers is positivity. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself in the right mindset and bring positive energy to your interactions with clients.

Consider this question: What is the single most important thing you bring to your consumers? Is it a deep understanding of your marketplace? Or perhaps the ability to guide customers through a process that’s often difficult? How about compassion and empathetically connecting with consumers on a deep level?

All are important, of course, but I believe that the single most important element we bring to clients and customers is positive energy.

To a visitor who is weary from the process or laden with fear from uncertainty, positive energy is like a warm fire on a cold day. Get the buyer in a positive frame of mind and the transaction becomes more enjoyable and — ultimately — more successful for both parties.

Put this into real-life perspective for a moment. Let’s say a couple goes to your brokerage. They pull up to the place, and as they’re getting out of the car, they’re saying things like, “Now let’s get this straight — we’re just looking and we have several other stops, right? We’re not giving in to the first salesperson.” Or worse: “That last guy was a creep. Let’s just tell this guy to back off, and we’ll look around on our own.” Will your well-rehearsed product demonstration save the day here?

In reality, even your very deep compassion will be meaningless if you cannot break down the pre-existing defenses. Top sales professionals make a concerted effort in favor of positive energy — regardless of the demeanor or personality of the customer.

Here’s the rub: You can only give out what you have inside. You need to be radiating positive energy all day long. Protecting this is critical to your success.

Each day we experience negative energy via unhappy customers, irritating coworkers, uncertain economics, and a media that loves bad news. This negativity is infectious. And when we are infected, we infect those around us. When unchecked, we become carriers of a negative virus, and an already negative customer adopts that same demeanor.

Let’s consider a few simple ideas for feeding yourself positive energy consistently:

Don’t start your day negative: Controlling what we allow into our minds is always important, but let me suggest that it’s critically important when it comes to starting your day. Consider what you hear on the average cable news network in the morning — rabid reactions to the latest economic indicators, pundits lambasting the latest partisan political ploy, and dire weather and environmental reports. Now, I consider myself a well-informed individual, and I intend to stay that way. At the same time, that kind of noise does nothing to improve my disposition when I need to be “on.” Like mom used to say, “If you can’t find something nice to say (or listen to), then don’t say (or listen to) anything at all!”

Use your drive time wisely: Audio books, podcasts, and training seminars can help you maintain a positive mind-set during your daily drive. Not that every moment of your life needs to be filled with some form of cerebral stimulation: Perhaps pumping yourself up with music gets your energy flowing. Or you might use a quiet drive to decompress from home life and transition into being “on.” There are no right answers here; the point is to reflectively consider how best to use this time for your own benefit.

Look for mental snacks throughout the day: Find time and ways to recharge yourself during your long day. Do you subscribe to an e-mail newsletter? Take a few minutes to digest it. Working long stretches alone? Call up a colleague to find out what’s hot in their world. Text your son or daughter to offer an encouraging word or to find out what’s going on. We’re in a world driven by external forces, but you’re responsible for operating at peak performance and you know what it takes to maintain that.

Deep breaths and stretching: Okay, I admit it. I’m not really much of a yoga guy. But I’ve tried it, and I know that the principles work. Now, I’m not suggesting that you bust out a Downward Facing Tree pose in the office. But, at an appropriate place and time, stretching allows more blood to flow to our muscles, improving circulation, while deep breaths bring more oxygen to our brains. Remember: Your body is a dynamic organism that requires intentional care and maintenance to operate at their best.

Establish a “default” positive-energy activity: File this under “what gets me centered.” For you, this may be exercise, prayer, meditation, music … again, whatever gets you consistently centered within yourself. This is your “go-to” activity when you feel that positive energy waning in your world. Work to create energy-building activities throughout your day. And, know for yourself, when all else fails, that you have a tried-and-true mechanism for regaining focus and positive energy to get you back on track.

Beyond all of these strategies and activities, however, it’s worth noting that maintaining a positive attitude in life is really a choice. It is your choice. Life may throw you a curveball or you might find yourself in a rut, but that choice always comes back to you.

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