May 24, 2018

Creating Your Recipe for Success

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Creating Your Recipe for Success

In real estate and cooking, a good outcome is the result of careful planning, timing, and choosing the right ingredients. Learn how you can find the right “recipe” for your business.

There is an abundance of information available today to help real estate professionals achieve greater success. Right now, if we want to learn more about something, we merely need to consult Google, and within seconds we can read an article or watch a video to educate ourselves.

Add to that webinars, video training libraries, mobile apps, and groups on social networks. The technology products that can help us in our organization, systemization, lead generation, and client and prospect communication seem endless right now, and still more solutions are launched each day.

Consider this analogy: We have more quality “ingredients” to fix great “meals” in client services, lead generation, lead conversion, sales strategies, time management, and sales presentations than ever before.

As a chef you can have the finest ingredients, but if you put them together in the improper order, your dish is ruined. To produce a fantastic meal, you have to create recipes for multiple dishes, and bring all the food being served together at the same exact time. Even if you are serving in courses, the wrong timing can ruin the experience.

Just as a cook with the best ingredients can’t replicate culinary success without recipes and the right timing, the same challenge is found in most cases for real estate practitioners who have all this information, technology, tools, and systems.

Crafting your recipe for success in real estate sales is essential. Few agents follow that recipe or craft their own that will enable them to leverage themselves, the experience and increase their odds of success. Here are some core questions to ask yourself when working to implement new information, tools, or technology into your business:

·        What am I hoping this new product/service/project/strategy accomplishes?

·        Is this product/service/project/strategy proven?

·        What are the odds that it will achieve the desired outcome?

·        What is the level of time, effort, and energy I will need to invest?

·        Who else is using it well, and can they quantify the return on investment?

·        What are the steps to implementation?

·        What is a reasonable time frame for implementation?

·        What are the potential challenges?

·        What adjustments will I need to make if it doesn’t work as well as planned?

If you think success is a one-step process, think again. In today’s market, with buyers and sellers more concerned and apprehensive than ever before, we must evaluate anything we add or subtract from our business in the scope of the whole recipe.

Being successful in real estate sales is about more than just serving people well or being open to trying new things. Your overall strategy — or recipe — for success matters more today than ever before.

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