June 17, 2018

6 Ways to Supplement Your Income

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6 Ways to Supplement Your Income

Commission checks may not be what they once were. But selling homes isn't the only way a savvy practitioner can earn a paycheck. Years of practicing real estate may have helped you develop other skill sets that you can use to your financial advantage. Here are six ways practitioners have branched out.

1. Build a blog following. If you write compelling copy, your blog could bring you a cash injection. Use Google AdSense to place ads directly onto your blog. Become an Amazon Associate, and get a cut when people buy Amazon products you’ve promoted. It’s easy to set up a low-cost blog (under $20 to launch and as little as $5 a month for hosting through services such as You probably won’t earn thousands, but if you develop a following, watch out Arianna Huffington!

2. Write freelance articles. If writing is your forte, you can also reach out to local newspapers to see if they’ll pay for real estate pieces that you contribute. Or you can publish your own e-book and sell it through your Web site.

3. Sell space to local businesses. A popular real estate Web site may be precious real estate for local businesses. If you specialize in relocation, for example, local merchants may love the idea of capturing newcomers through your site.

4. Do house checks. Vacant homes need to be checked on periodically, especially if they’re on the market. Offer to service homes for a nominal fee.

5. Teach. If you’re always helping your colleagues navigate the rules of the business, consider taking your knowledge into the classroom. Consider hosting workshops locally, or train to become a certified instructor for one of the designation courses.

6. Make your hobby pay. Perhaps, over the years in real estate, you’ve become skilled at photography or Web design. You may be able to apply these skills to building a successful side business.

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