April 22, 2018

5 Great Sources for Mailing Lists

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5 Great Sources for Mailing Lists

The best-looking direct mail piece is useless if you have nowhere to send it. Here are sources for compiling your mailing list.

1. Your children’s sports organizations. Let your fellow “soccer moms” and “softball dads” know you’re in real estate.

2. Local employer staff lists. Employers, such as large hospitals, often publish employee magazines or newsletters. If you can purchase the roster, you’ll get exposure to a large number of professionals in the area. In the case of a hospital, it’s an essential step if you specialize in serving the real estate needs of medical professionals.

3. Chambers of commerce. Your local chamber may have lists of specialty groups that fit your niche, such as attorneys or minority business owners. Depending on the chamber’s guidelines, you can purchase a list directly or consider advertising in the chamber’s publication and get a list as part of the advertising fee.

4. Universities and colleges. Institutions of higher learning often have lists of entrepreneurs and alumni in certain geographical regions. Check with the public affairs department at your local institutions, or your alma mater, for the availability of this information.

5.Your place of worship or other nonprofit organization to which you belong. You probably have a membership roster. Let other members know that if they buy or sell a home through you, you’ll donate a percentage of your commission back to the group.

Source: Hobbs/Herder Advertising, Newport Beach, Calif.,

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