April 25, 2018

2014 Smartphones: Shop for Service First

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2014 Smartphones: Shop for Service First

The options you have as far as what kind of phone you buy will depend on the carrier through which you have your cellular plan. Make sure you like your carrier first.

Remember that when you’re buying a phone, you’re also buying a service package. In fact, your choice of cellular provider will in turn determine what phones you can choose from. While the most popular models are offered in versions for all carriers, select models and lines may be exclusive to certain providers.

Before you consider which phone you want, evaluate how satisfied you are with your current cellular service. Real estate requires seamless coverage throughout your market area. In well-served cities, you may have several carriers to choose from; in less-populated or rural areas, your choice in service and phones, particularly smartphones, could be limited.

In This Guide:

In years past, you had to make a two-year commitment to a provider when you bought a phone. With the cost of the phone subsidized as part of a service contract, subscribers were basically stuck with the phone for its duration. Today’s contracts can be much more flexible and forgiving, with several carriers now allowing you to upgrade your phone without penalty. Competing cellular providers also offer promotional incentives periodically to encourage subscribers to switch to their service. There are also a variety of pay-as-you-go plans for phone, data, and text messaging on a monthly basis.

All of this gives today’s consumer more options in choosing plans and phones. Without service, you have nothing. Choose your provider, then your phone.

A Special Offer for REALTORS®

Don’t forget that Sprint offers members of the National Association of REALTORS® a special deal on service through the REALTOR Benefits® Program.You can get a discount of up to 18 percent on select wireless monthly service plans and 20 percent on select accessories, such as chargers, cases, headsets, and car kits.

Both new and current Sprint customers can take advantage of the offer. NAR members who are not Sprint customers can still take advantage of the discount on accessories.

Learn about this offer at, and visit to see more than 30 offers and discounts just for you from the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

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