May 27, 2018

2014 Smartphones: Check the Reviews Before Buying

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2014 Smartphones: Check the Reviews Before Buying

There are plenty of websites that cover news in the mobile-phone market and offer reviews on products. They’ll let you know what you’re getting into before you purchase a phone.

The smartphone market continually changes, with breakthrough products announced even as new models arrive in stores. At this very moment, speculation is ripe about the next generation of iPhone and Android handsets, which are expected to be released later this year.

Whenever you’re ready to buy, you should be informed about the latest phones out there and what’s coming out soon. You may want to wait until the arrival of the latest model, if only for the discounts it could bring for a current phone you’re already set on buying.

In This Guide:

Several competing websites closely track the mobile-phone market, with breaking news on products and promotions from manufacturers and cellular service providers. No single site has it all, so check several. Sources include:

  • Phone Scoop: Offers a mix of breaking news and product reviews
  • Phone Arena: Segments its coverage by product type, carrier, and brand so you can easily navigate to what interests you
  • MobileBurn: Puts its emphasis on reviews of the latest hardware and software
  • Phone Dog: Includes news, reviews, and rankings of the latest handsets by experts and users.

They are also good sources for reviews of individual phones, along with sites like CNET, Consumer Reports, and PC Magazine.

Also check the websites of cellular service providers for current promotions and pricing on products. Some of the best deals are on older or refurbished models and only show up online.

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