May 24, 2018

The Brokerage Marketing Tool Kit

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The Brokerage Marketing Tool Kit

Just as you wouldn't expect to sell much property without advertising, your brokerage needs a marketing plan. This tool kit will help you plan and execute your strategy, while helping you factor in the unique needs of your company's market, goals and image.

Set Your Market Strategy

Selling or Marketing?
Timing Your Marketing
A Systematic Approach
The 4 Ps
Beef Up Your Market Share


Create Your Market Identity

Niche Options
Questions to Ask
Develop Your Brokerage Brand
Image Dos and Don’ts
Image Questions
Choose a Name
Design a Powerful Logo


Plan Accordingly

Marketing Plan Musts
What Planning Can and Can't Do
Get Staff Buy-In
Brokerage-Salesperson Synergy
Create a Consistent Image
Centralized Marketing
Factors to Consider



Your Ad Budget
Choose Your Media
Dare To Be Different
Create Effective Company Ads
Avoid Discrimination
Painless Ad Tracking


Business Climate

Economic Factors
How do You Compare?
Assess the Competition
Set Your Company Apart
Positioning Musts


Online Marketing

Successful Sites
More Mileage From Your Company's Site
Q&A: Speed and Simplicity
Promote Your Site

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