May 24, 2018

The Assessment and Termination Tool Kit

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The Assessment and Termination Tool Kit

You wouldn't dream of going without analysis of which marketing and sales techniques are working and which are not. So why dismiss the task of assessing and evaulating your staff and sales associates?

Of course, the process can be stressful and contentious. And sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, it makes more sense to split with certain salespeople and staff. This tool kit will help you decide how to handle underperformance at your brokerage.


Why Assess?
What to do Before
Listening Skills
Questions to Ask Yourself
Q&A: Independent Contractors
Non-Sales Staff


Resignation & Termination

Warning Signals
Transactions & Transitions
Exit Interviews
Questions to Ask
Handle Resignations Amiably
Why Sales Associates Fail
Termination Criteria
Reducing Risk
Personnel Records
How to Say Goodbye


Confronting Performance Issues

Step-by-Step Guide
Handle Difficult Types
Management Traps to Avoid
Making Criticisms


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