February 23, 2018

The Hiring Tool Kit

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The Hiring Tool Kit

Before you embark on a team building program or new training for your brokerage, you need to make sure you hire the right people. This tool kit explains the process from want ad to interviewing to reference checks.

Assess Your Needs

The Cost of Personnel
Staffing Decision Factors
Analyze the Position


Attract the Best

Attractive Headlines
How Do You Stack Up?
Set Your Company Apart
Effective Online Advertising


Hiring Salespeople

Job Description Basics
Job Matching
Qualities of Top Salespeople
Non-Factors in Sales
Key New Hire Attributes


Evaluation Criteria
Recognize Hiring Factors
The First Interview
The Second Interview
Better Interviews
Personal Characteristics
Red Flags
Questions Not to Ask
Psychological Testing
Q&A: Behavioral Interviewing
Reference Checks


Hiring Support Staff

Pros & Cons of Assistants
Licensed vs. Unlicensed
Elements of a Great Assistant
Need a Transaction Coordinator?
Occasional Help
Hiring Questions to Ask

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