May 24, 2018

The Follow-Up Tool Kit

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The Follow-Up Tool Kit

"The closing is misnamed," says Jim Pugliese, Jim Pugliese Seminars, Guilderland, N.Y. "It's really the opening of the relationship.” By investing a little regular time and effort to stay in touch with past customers, you can build a steady flow of referrals that will boost your income.

A good referral follow-up system combines occasional phone calls or visits with systematic use of other marketing vehicles, such as newsletters, postcards, e-mail, cards, and occasional small gifts. Dig in to our Follow-Up Tool Kit for guidance on building the right system for you and your clients.

Keeping in Touch

Building Blocks
After Close
Stories for Your Newsletter


Customer Service

How Customers Judge Service
Create Customer Surveys
Q&A: Survey to Improve Service
Dos and Don'ts
Tips for Brokers


Closing Gifts

Great Gift Ideas
Q&A: Closing Gift Club
Company Concierge Service
Bright Ideas



Referral-Building Tips
Bright Ideas
Tips for Brokers



Educational Seminars
Customer Appreciation
Planning Tips
Q&A: Party Planning Like a Pro


Law and Ethics

Customers for Life

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