April 20, 2018

The Personal Marketing Tool Kit

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The Personal Marketing Tool Kit

Personal marketing is the process of getting your name out there and convincing people to contact you when they need real estate services. This tool kit will help you plan and execute your personal marketing strategy.

The Plan

Your Personal Marketing Plan
Your Marketing Budget
Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Sample Marketing Plans



Successful Branding
Real Estate Branding Examples
Q&A: Becoming Your Own Brand


Measure Your Efforts

Q&A: Measuring Marketing
Boost Survey Response

Get the Word Out

Before You Send...
Compelling Copy
Eye-Catching Artwork
Successful Direct Mail
Great Giveaway Ideas
Bright Ideas
In-Person Marketing
Effective E-mail Marketing
Tips for a Great Web Site


Niche Marketing

Why Niche?
How to Reach Specific Markets
Specialize Within a Niche
Target Condo Owners
Target House Hunters
Target Deal Seekers
Target Homeowners Looking to Hire a Contractor



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