April 23, 2018

Man Spray Paints Own Home With Expletives

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Man Spray Paints Own Home With Expletives

A San Antonio, Texas, home owner spray-painted expletive-filled graffiti across his own home, which is prompting outrage among his neighbors about the eyesore.

The home owner, Daryl McCain, was upset over someone stealing his truck, so he decided to express his rage on his home with a message on his garage. The message read “To the motherf__ that stole my truck. U R a dead man.” He also wrote that he is offering $2,000 for any information about his missing truck. 

While his neighbors are outraged, McCain told media outlets that he has every right to spray paint what he wants on his house and exercise his freedom of speech. 

"It's like a parade route,” a neighbor told the local television station KENS-5. "Children shouldn't be able to read something like that."

San Antonio police say they aren’t able to prevent home owners from painting such words on their homes, however. McCain did not fully spell the expletive out so he technically didn’t use profanity either, they note. 

Other home owners across the country are also spray painting giant messages on their homes lately, although more advertising-geared than rage-filled. Some home owners recently have agreed to let a marketing company Braniacs From Mars turn their homes into massive advertising billboards, painting their homes in orange and green with marketing messages. In return, the company will pay the home owners’ mortgages. Cities that don’t regulate what you can paint on your home have no other choice but to allow it. 

Source: “Man Tags Own Home With Expletive, and Enrages Neighbors,” AOL Real Estate (March 28, 2012)

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