May 27, 2018

Entire Town for Sale in Montana for $1.4M

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Entire Town for Sale in Montana for $1.4M

If a home isn’t enough for your buyer, how about an entire town? 

A small village known as Pray, Mont., is for sale, which means one buyer could own his or her very own town for $1.4 million. The small village, founded in 1907, is about 30 miles north of Yellowstone National Park and boasts a population of 197, according to Census data. 

The five-acre scenic countryside town includes a four-unit trailer park, a now-closed general store, a post office, and other small buildings. The town falls along Highway 540 — once a heavily traveled route for tourists who were heading to Yellowstone National Park. 

“It’s a town,” Barbara Walker, the owner of the property, maintains. “There’s status in being able to own a town.” Plus, as the owner you get to wear multiple hats: Besides being the owner of the property, Walker says she’s also the unofficial mayor, sheriff, garbage control, and animal control officer for the town too.

Source: “Got $1.4M to Spare? There’s a Tiny Montana Village for Sale,” The Daily (Feb. 27, 2012)