April 21, 2018

Technology Accelerator Brings Latest to You

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Technology Accelerator Brings Latest to You

The REach™ program helps companies understand the complexity of the real estate industry.

The National Association of REALTORS® launched Second Century Ventures in 2009 to invest in high-growth technology companies whose products offer innovative real estate solutions. Now NAR’s strategic investment arm is cultivating partnerships with smaller startups through its REach™  accelerator program.


Watch “NAR Investment Arm Charts Gains” to meet the REach™ companies’ CEOs and see NAR’s mentoring process in action.

“Companies can spend years trying to understand the complexity of the real estate industry,” says Constance Freedman, NAR vice president of strategic investments.  “The program’s goal is to help accelerate that process, saving time and money for the companies and adding value for NAR members.”

BombBomb, a video e-mail marketing company was the first participant announced this year. Through REach™, company executives go through a nine-month mentoring program to learn how real estate professionals can best use their products. “I saw all the relationships and the mentoring that can be brought through the program, and got excited about it,” says Conor McCluskey, founder and CEO of BombBomb.

Six other companies have since joined REach™:

  • Lumentus, a social media content provider and -management platform
  • Planwise, a consumer -financial planning tool; Reach 150, a technology to collect testimonials and build an online reputation
  • Treater, a mobile client gifting platform
  • Updater, a change of address platform
  • Workface, a live text, chat, and video communication platform connecting service professionals to prospective clients.

New companies will be brought on board each year. Sign up to be a beta tester for this year’s products online.

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