November 24, 2017

At the Conference: #Brainfood #BusinessTips

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At the Conference: #Brainfood #BusinessTips

Fine-tune your real estate skills with tips from industry innovators.

Here’s a taste of four sessions, including takeaways from each that you can apply to your business today. And that’s not all. Conference goers can choose from more than 100 education sessions, covering sales and marketing, professional growth, niches, legal issues, current hot topics, and more.

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Build a Winning Team

On Friday, Nov. 8, from 10:30 a.m.–12 noon, during her “Team Dynamics” session, Pamela Ermen will walk attendees through the five stages of business growth and provide practical insights on how to build future growth by establishing quality systems, solid relationships, and effective leadership.

“Developing a real estate team could be the best thing that ever happens to an agent’s business . . . or the worst,” says Pamela Ermen, CRS, GRI, an experienced broker, sales coach, and president of Real Estate Guidance, who has been training and managing teams for more than 15 years.

For those who are thinking of starting or joining a team, Ermen offers this advice: Just getting together to share the workload doesn’t make a real estate team. “A team is really a microcosm of a real estate office, requiring an intentional daily focus on systems, relationships, and quality leadership in order to become healthy and productive,” she says.

Make Your Sales Soar

On Saturday, Nov. 9, from 9–10 a.m., during her “High Touch Plus High Tech Equals High ROI” session, Leigh Brown will offer at least five business-boosting ideas that will work in different markets and conditions.

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Are you maxed out on high-tech strategies? Then take some advice from Leigh Brown, CRS, e-PRO, with RE/MAX Executive Realty in Charlotte, N.C. Brown sells more than 200 homes per year. She uses her tech savvy to get consumers out from behind their devices.

“Target technology strategies for getting consumers off the Internet and in front of the agent,” Brown says. “Track what works and what doesn’t in order to spend money wisely and grow agent/brokerage business over the long term.”

That’s a Wrap!

On Saturday, Nov. 9, from 11 a.m.–12 noon, during his “Using Mini-movies to Market Luxury Homes” session, Curt Hahn will teach session attendees about using the power of the mini-movie to engage potential buyers with storylines, actors, and music. Hahn will provide an overview of the costs for producing mini-movies and offer strategies to have sellers fund the expense.

Lifestyle videos—or mini-movies—are a captivating way to tell a home’s story. They’re also an increasingly popular method for marketing luxury listings, says Curt Hahn, CEO of Film House Inc. in Nashville, Tenn. “Mini-movies have helped [real estate practitioners] secure more listings, shorten the sales cycle, and make their listings stand out from the rest, while creating an emotional connection with prospective buyers,” Hahn says.

To make your own mini-movies, identify a film production company with experience in the field. Interview the cinematographers to make sure they’ll work with you and the home owner to craft the best creative approach to target prospective buyers.

Show True Interest

On Saturday, Nov. 9, from 9–10:30 a.m., during his “People, Not Property: Build More Effective Relationships, Referrals, and Repeat Business” session, Peter Knight will offer his ideas for expressing true interest while showing attendees how they can “fall back in love with real estate.”

It’s too easy to become focused on property values, prices, and your own gains and losses. Don’t lose sight of the fact that real estate is a people business, and an emotional one at that. Your clients buy and sell for a reason—they’re getting married, divorcing, having children, seeking space for hobbies or pastimes, downsizing for retirement, or moving closer to work, says Peter Knight, sales coach and managing director of The Property Academy of Leatherhead, Surrey, U.K. “Rather than hype the market with claims of recovery, I believe [real estate pros] should go back to the fundamentals, which for me are helping people to find the best home they can afford that suits their needs,” he says.

Where to begin? Listen more and seek to understand your clients, first and foremost. “By showing true interest, the principle of liking kicks in—we buy from people we like, and 
we like people who demonstrate that they like us,” Knight says. “And when we do provide assistance with no catch or requirement for anything in return, then the principle of reciprocity will apply.”

Two ideas for going the extra mile:

  • Provide a thorough, relevant market report, personalized for a client’s neighborhood and property type. (You can do it in a jiffy, at no cost, with the REALTORS Property Resource®.)
  • Offer a guide on how to raise the value of a home through some basic improvements. Include quotes from local contractors who have a proven reputation.
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