May 23, 2018

Widen Your Point of View

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Widen Your Point of View

YPN Lounge blogger and guest editor Anand Patel takes the reins and provides a tour of the inspiring stories in this year's May/June issue.

Whether you’re 19 or 89, the CEO of a major franchise or a sales associate, you can benefit from reading about this year’s “30 Under 30” class. Notice that many of these young men and women work a niche and are determined to own that specialty. Take note of the number who had the self-awareness to identify their natural gifts and use those gifts to their advantage. If you are over 30 as I am, you’ll get insights into the vantage point of a 20-something. If you are under 30, why not aspire to being in a future “30 Under 30” class?

Among the themes that unite these 30 young professionals are a passion for the industry, a desire to lead, and a conviction to do what they do for the right reasons. That last part underscores why many of us, like Bradley Allen from this year’s class, got into this business. We enjoy helping people. We facilitate the transfer of one of the most basic necessities in life—shelter. Yet we all have people in our communities who can’t afford a home. This month’s “Last Word” column is an interview with photojournalist Steve Liss, whose project is quite literally bringing into focus extreme poverty in the United States.

Meet the 2013 Volunteering Works grant recipients.

As real estate professionals, we can take inspiration from Liss and get involved. How amazing would it be if we worked together to find solutions? The magazine has been helping REALTORS® do that for years. You probably know about the magazine’s Good Neighbor Awards, but did you know past Good Neighbor honorees offer mentoring for REALTORS® working to tackle community issues? The program is called Volunteering Works, and it includes $1,000 in seed money, provided by the Stuart & Jill Siegel Charitable Foundation.

As you scan this issue, don’t miss “Carve Out a Truly Great Space.” If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend one of the National Association of REALTORS®’ REThink workshops, you’re already acquainted with the shifts discussed here. In the article, you’ll also find helpful tips on transforming existing spaces into appealing havens for today’s buyer.

It has been an honor to serve as guest editor for the magazine. From the 24 hours I spent in Chicago, it’s clear the team is dedicated to bringing meaning to our twin quests: to improve the industry and better manage our businesses.

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