May 27, 2018

Taking His Own Path

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Taking His Own Path

A free spirit joins the REALTOR® Magazine staff for a day to discuss the theme of striving for financial freedom.

Talking about the theme "Destination: Financial Freedom" with our March/April guest editor, Rogers Healy, was a refreshing dose of honesty.

Healy with Editor-in-chief Stacey MoncrieffHealy, a 2009 "30 Under 30" honoree, has owned a real estate company in Dallas since 2007 and has been in the business more than 10 years. Healy's all about financial freedom. Like many entrepreneurs in this business, he has created a variety of income streams—sales, property management, North American relocation services, and more—to achieve his financial goals. What he doesn’t do, he admits, is the kind of detailed company budgeting mapped out in this issue.

"This is great, but I have my own system,” he says. “I always know what I need to have in savings and what I need to put back into the business." Healy got his financial education the hard way, the first time he sold a $2 million property. "I called my dad and told him, 'I’m rich,'"  he recalls. Then came his quarterly tax bill. Now, like many of those interviewed for our story on getting your financial house in order, Healy instantly puts aside 30 percent for taxes.

Guest editor Rogers Healy, center, shares his social media strategies with magazine staff Brian Summerfield and Wendy Cole.If budgeting isn’t a great passion for Healy, running a company with a good vibe—and getting valuable PR for it—is. The positive PR is a great recruiting tool, says Healy, who has about 60 salespeople. But he’s not looking for just any agent. A certain joie de vivre is required—"No one wants to buy real estate from someone who hates life," he says with a grin—as well as the ability to use social media as a marketing tool. “If you have no grasp of social media, it’s not a fit,” he says.

To attain financial success, there’s nothing more important than setting ambitious goals and keeping them visible, Healy says. "In sales, you need to have a sense of urgency and be motivated by money to some extent. But you don’t have to know a lot about money management. Instead, find someone qualified to help with what you don’t know."

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