May 28, 2018

News & Commentary: Economy Articles

  • 10/01/1998
    Japan's woes slow U.S. economy, but real estate rocks on.
  • 12/01/1997
    The factors that made 1997 one of the best years for real estate in U.S. history will continue to influence the economy next year, say industry economists.
  • 04/01/1997
    With some form of capital gains relief included in the Clinton administration's proposed budget, the chance for a capital gains tax cut seems better now than in recent years.
  • 03/01/1997
    If the economists are correct, real estate practitioners can look forward to a strong housing market through the turn of the century. With moderate interest rates predicted along with steady economic growth and low inflation, first-time homebuyers and move-up purchasers will spur a generous amount of activity from 1997 through the year 2000.
  • 12/01/1996
    Employment statistics will shape home sales in your area, according to John A. Tuccillo, chief economist for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. When Tuccillo looks into his crystal ball, he sees a fairly strong housing market for the first and second quarters of 1997.
  • 04/01/1996
    Fifty percent of Americans who responded to a recent Associated Press poll said they oppose a flat tax that would "take away all or most deductions, including the home mortgage interest deduction," lending support to NAR's position that the benefits of a pure flat tax aren't worth the loss of the mortgage interest deduction.
  • 03/01/1996
    We asked John A. Tuccillo, chief economist of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, to give us his outlook for the spring homebuying season. In Tuccillo's words: No boom. No bust.