September 28, 2016

The Voice for Real Estate

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The Voice for Real Estate

This video series is NAR's weekly roundup of news that affects the industry and your business. Each video examines how NAR is working to protect private property rights, maintain strong real estate markets, and build communities.

September 21, 2016: A patent troll that's been seeking fees from real estate companies agreed to stop its practice in exchange for settling an NAR challenge to the validity of its patent. Other news in the NAR news video for the week of Sept. 19 looks at the drop in FSBOs and other trends in the the 35 years NAR has been producing its Home Buyer and Seller Profile, how big the supply gap is in metros across the country, how NAR is trying to make it easy for its members to register to vote, and what to look for next year in the new Congress. The video also invites NAR members to register for a live webcast on HUD's rules implementing NAR-backed FHA condo finance changes.

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