August 22, 2017

The Voice for Real Estate

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The Voice for Real Estate

This video series is NAR's weekly roundup of news that affects the industry and your business. Each video examines how NAR is working to protect private property rights, maintain strong real estate markets, and build communities.

July 31, 2017: A couple who kidnapped and killed Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter three years ago masked their phone number as part of a scheme to make Carter believe they were relocating from out of town. The victim’s son, Carl Carter Jr., who is also an agent, shares details of his mother’s ordeal as a way to help other real estate pros avoid the same fate. The video also looks at progress on keeping federal flood insurance available to home buyers and owners, why sustainability is more than just a feel-good movement for real estate, and why home sales are struggling to break out despite population growth and job gains.

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