March 1, 2017

The Voice for Real Estate

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The Voice for Real Estate

This video series is NAR's weekly roundup of news that affects the industry and your business. Each video examines how NAR is working to protect private property rights, maintain strong real estate markets, and build communities.

February 21, 2017: A tax reform plan by the House Ways & Means Committee would eliminate the property tax deduction, double the standard deduction, and lower tax rates. Also being considered is repeal of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. REALTORS® expressed concerns over the changes at a meeting two weeks ago with leaders of the Ways & Means Committee. The video also looks at the penalties imposed on two real estate brokerages for marketing service agreements they entered into with a lender. The federal government says the agreements were unlawful referral-fee arrangements. Other video stories: the latest home-price trends, the importance of pets in household housing decisions, and recognition NAR has received for its energy-efficient Washington building.

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