March 22, 2018

REALTOR® Mag Live in Chicago

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REALTOR® Mag Live in Chicago

Access all our news coverage from the 2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo

Lay Groundwork for Your Exit Strategy

Start planning for your retirement now by making your firm more valuable. Two real estate experts explain how.

NAR Board Approves MLS Policy Changes
Among other considerations, agents will get more flexibility in their MLS choice.

REALTORS®’ Difficult Argument Against Tax Proposal

On the surface, the bill appears to offer some benefits for middle-class households. In reality, the changes will lead to higher taxes for most homeowners and lower property values for everyone.

‘This is Our Moment. Own it.’
Elizabeth Mendenhall, a sixth-generation REALTOR® and the sixth woman to become president of the National Association of REALTORS® in the past 110 years, was sworn in during the Inaugural gala Thursday night.

Trust Stamp Is Now a Free Safety Tool for REALTORS®

NAR members get the perk from the association’s investment in the product, which is designed to reduce the risks involved when meeting strangers on the job.

Should MLSs Be Required to Have a Waiver Policy?
A long-simmering proposal colloquially known as “MLS of Choice” moved forward today as an official recommendation to the Board of Directors from the 2017 Multiple Listing Issues & Policies Committee.

Don’t Just Sell a Home; Market a Lifestyle

Help prospective buyers see how your listing reflects the way of life they seek.

How 3 Agents Used Real Estate to Pay Off Student Debt  

Three millennial real estate professionals say their jobs were key in helping to retire student loan debt and get on track toward a stable financial future.

High-Speed Real Estate: Faster Response Times, More Transparency
How quick do you respond to an incoming online lead? If it takes you more than two minutes, you may have missed out on some business.

No Path to 3% GDP Growth Without Real Estate

While the GOP tax plan will not increase GDP, the real estate market does hold the key to economic growth, according two prominent economists.

​Blockchain: The Digital Revolution Coming to Real Estate

Many are banking on blockchain technology to one day transform the business of real estate by moving all aspects of transactions to a digital platform, making them faster, less costly, and more resilient against fraud.

3 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2018
These insights into how the economy and real estate market will interact over the next couple of years can help guide your decision-making and investment moves in 2018.

Best Practices to Manage Team Risk

As the popularity of teaming up in real estate grows, brokers must protect themselves from legal and regulatory concerns associated with the practice.

5 Ways to Be a Better Neighbor

For communities to be strong, neighbors must unite and contribute to the overall well-being of their areas. But you don’t have to lead a charity or be an activist to make a positive impact where you live.

The Secrets to Becoming a Better Leader
Whether you’re managing a small team or a large office, your brokerage’s success will depend on how good you are at inspiring and motivating those whom you manage.

REALTORS® and Habitat for the Win

Learn how NAR members partnered with Habitat for Humanity and other volunteers to create more homeownership opportunities in West Pullman.

Data Will Help Tell Your Market’s Story

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has robust data and tools that can put real estate trends into context.

Dos and Don’ts of Building an Ideal Customer Experience
Think like Apple, which has become the most lucrative company in the world because of the simple, consistent customer experience it provides.

The Next 2 Tech Game Changers

By now it’s clear how mobile technology has disrupted real estate, but it’s already time to prepare for the next tsunami: Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Introducing the 2017 YPN Networks of the Year 

Find out which YPN networks were honored during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Chicago.

Phelps Opens Up About Goal-Setting, Mental Health

Special guest Michael Phelps shared secrets to his historic success as the most decorated Olympian of all time, as well as his passion for destigmatizing depression.

6 Ways to Build Trust in a Skeptical World

Success will come to businesses that focus on consumer value and the development of a trusted personal relationship.

GOP Strategist: Tax Reform Won’t Pass 

Congress isn’t going to approve the tax reform bill introduced in the House this week, Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt predicted.

How to Measure the Success of a Podcast
If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast to build your business but don’t know where to start, here's some advice: Just dive in—but make sure you know why you’re doing it and what you hope to accomplish.

‘Helping Beats Selling’

Think of the U.S. as a “salad bowl”—rather than a “melting pot”—that integrates many different cultures as you develop marketing strategies to reach a diverse set of prospects and clients.

Challenge Yourself to a ‘Content Reboot’

Broker Carrie Little is challenging you to go bigger when it comes to leveraging big data in your real estate business.

‘Catch Me if You Can’ Conman Divulges Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Former con artist Frank Abagnale knows first-hand how easy it is to assume another person’s identity, and he’s now devoted his life to helping others avoid getting duped.

‘Emigrant Edge’ Is in Real Estate Pros’ DNA 

Everyone has what real estate coach Brian Buffini calls “the immigrant edge.” Learn how that strength of character is built into your DNA.

NAR Vows Pushback on Tax Reform  

The GOP plan is among the top industry threats on the docket as the 2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo opens in Chicago.

Tips to Vamp Up Consumer Engagement

Modernize your buying and selling processes, but don't forget the human touch

Invest in Your Agents First

Help your brokerage stay competitive for years to come by providing meaningful support to agents and teams.

Where Do You and Your Clients Fit on the Culture Map?

There’s a wide difference in the expectations of a business relationship across cultures. Ensure you understand the distinguishing characteristics of customers across the world.

Another Short-term Flood Insurance Extension Likely

The National Flood Insurance Program will likely get another short-term extension before its Dec. 8 expiration date.

REALTOR® Associations Get Brokers Involved
A grant fund for local and state REALTOR® associations aims to give brokers a seat at the real estate advocacy table.
Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today’
The YPN Advisory Board recaps its 2017 successes, and honors an advocate.

A Plan to Build on REALTOR® Party Successes

A National Association of REALTORS® presidential advisory group has proposed a $25 increase in the REALTOR® Party assessment starting in 2019.

The Power of Women Homeowners

Do you have a “seat at the table” for one of the fastest growing markets?

Sal Giunta’s Strive for More

The Medal of Honor recipient inspired conference attendees to give 100 percent every day.

Builders: Inventory Woes Not Our Fault
A shortage of homes for-sale continues to weigh on the market and is one of the biggest obstacles facing home buyers. But homebuilders say stop blaming us.


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