January 16, 2018

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  • Sat, 06/01/1996

    Concerned about the threat of huge fines for violations of the federal Fair Housing Act, an Oregon MLS is trying something new to prevent discriminatory words from ending up in its listings database.

  • Wed, 05/01/1996

    NAR is reviewing for potential negative impact on REALTORS® an advance copy of new regulations on one-stop shopping in homebuying proposed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Wed, 05/01/1996

    Here are answers to some key questions about the regulations.

  • Mon, 04/01/1996

    Lead paint regulations call for disclosure of known lead-based paint hazards in connection with the sale or rental of dwelling units built before 1978. Owners of one to four residential dwelling units will have to comply with the regulations starting Dec. 6, 1996. Those who own properties with more than four dwelling units will have to comply beginning Sept. 6, 1996.

  • Mon, 04/01/1996

    Check out the compliance dates and basic requirements of the new lead disclosure law.

  • Mon, 04/01/1996

    Last December, President Clinton signed into law an amendment to the federal Fair Housing Act clarifying which housing projects qualify for "55 and over" status and, therefore, are exempt from provisions of the Fair Housing Act that prohibit discrimination against families with children.

  • Mon, 04/01/1996

    The Missouri Real Estate Commission is considering whether real estate practitioners be fingerprinted as a condition of receiving a real estate license.

  • Thu, 02/01/1996

    Admittedly, the giant garter snake, native to the Central Valley of California, is an awesome critter---growing up to 64 inches in length. But is it worth $105,672 per snake to protect it?

  • Mon, 01/01/1996

    Lawyers, depositions, meetings, court appearances, media coverage, and fund-raising efforts dominated their lives from the moment they were named in a lawsuit in November 1993. Their personal lives were consumed by fear, anguish, insomnia, isolation, and insecurity.

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