April 24, 2018

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  • Thu, 01/01/2009

    For a better rate and terms, buyers should take these five steps before they fill out a mortgage application.

  • Mon, 12/01/2008

    If your buyers are being ignored by the bank, consider a loan from the seller.

  • Sat, 11/01/2008

    If home price drops, so should property taxes. Home owners might be smart to initiate a property tax appeal.

  • Wed, 10/01/2008

    The current proposal is too rushed and too costly, experts say.

  • Mon, 09/01/2008

    Following a few simple rules can reduce your risk of an audit by the IRS, and protect yourself in the event that you are audited.

  • Mon, 09/01/2008

    Be sure you can deliver on your promises, or you put yourself at risk.

  • Fri, 08/01/2008

    When you're representing a seller who's on shaky financial ground, what should you tell prospective buyers?

  • Tue, 07/01/2008

    Common sense wins in Department of Justice antitrust settlement.

  • Tue, 07/01/2008

    Placing real estate in living trusts requires some special considerations.

  • Sat, 03/01/2008

    The very nature of a blog makes you, the blogger, vulnerable to legal liabilities from a host of issues including copyright infringement, charges of obscenity and defamation, and fair housing violations.