May 25, 2018

Law & Ethics: In Court Articles

  • Wed, 07/01/2009

    The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama ruled that a  brokerage that charged an administrative fee in addition to its commission violated section 8(b) of the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

  • Mon, 06/01/2009

    A district court in Indiana ruled against a prospective buyer who fell down a flight of stairs while touring a home for sale. The customer had sued the owner and the sales associates for failing to warn her of the staircase.

  • Fri, 05/01/2009

    The Court of Appeals of New York reversed earlier rulings when it ruled that buyers and their attorney were merely exercising their contractual rights when they changed their minds on a sale.

  • Sun, 03/01/2009

    A South Carolina court ruled that a buyer who learned from an inspection report that there were signs of water damage on the property can't later hold a broker or seller liable for failing to disclose those problems .

  • Sun, 02/01/2009

    A Utah court has determined that a real estate salesperson could not claim a portion of a commission that her former brokerage had been unable to collect from a seller.

  • Thu, 01/01/2009

    In a case where a buyer made an offer and signed a purchase agreement, but sellers decided that they no longer wanted to sell and cancelled the transaction, a New York appellate court ruled the buyers' representative was not entitled to a commission.

  • Thu, 01/01/2009

    The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the U.S. Department of Justice have settled their differences over policies governing the display of MLS listings on virtual office Web sites.

  • Mon, 12/01/2008

    A New Hampshire federal court has decided that a Web site that advertises for-sale-by-owner homes,, does not have to hold a real estate license.

  • Sat, 11/01/2008

    The Court of Appeals of New York has ruled that only the individual buyer's representative was bound to act solely on behalf of the client. The disclosure rule did not apply to the entire brokerage.

  • Mon, 09/01/2008

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has decided that a suit against a brokerage for allegedly charging a buyer a transaction fee when no service was performed could be certified as a class action suit.