April 25, 2018

Law & Ethics: Feature Articles

  • Tue, 05/06/2014

    Katie Johnson was recently named general counsel of the National Association of REALTORS®, replacing Laurie Janik, who retired in 2013. REALTOR® Magazine recently sat down with her to learn more about NAR’s activities in the legal arena.

  • Wed, 03/19/2014

    More MLSs are including accessibility features in listings, making it easier to identify homes best suited for disabled clients.

  • Wed, 03/19/2014

    Are you ready for tax season? Here are a few recent changes that could affect you or your clients this year.

  • Tue, 01/21/2014

    Before you hire an intern, know these six rules issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Tue, 01/21/2014

    There are many factors to consider when you’re deciding where you’ll allow listing data to be displayed.

  • Tue, 06/18/2013

    Off-MLS listings are back with a vengeance. Tom Gillett offers some reasons why pocket listings represent short-term gain in exchange for long-term pain.

  • Thu, 05/09/2013

    Warranties are becoming a mainstay in real estate. Learn how to discuss the pros and cons of various plans with both buyers and sellers.

  • Thu, 05/09/2013

    Industry confusion persists with regard to pitching financial protection for home systems and appliances.

  • Mon, 02/25/2013

    Can drones might be used as a way to survey property and shoot aerial videos to help market and sell of listings? Legally, probably not — at least for now.

  • Fri, 10/19/2012

    Recent media reports have suggested that the FHFA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac will start to take severe legal action against strategic defaulters. But are mortgage cops really going to chase down these individuals with the goal of locking them up?