April 23, 2017

Law & Ethics: Feature Articles

  • Wed, 03/15/2017

    REALTORS® take their bipartisan agenda to Washington in May.

  • Wed, 01/18/2017

    Within a brokerage, sexual harassment claims pose a distinctive challenge. When offensive behavior crosses the line, what can you do?

  • Thu, 11/17/2016

    Like-kind exchanges help keep our economy rolling. That’s why the political change-up coming to Washington could have significant ramifications for real estate, investors, low-income workers, and more.

  • Wed, 11/02/2016
    Real estate scams often target seniors. You can help reduce their risk.
  • Wed, 07/13/2016

    Poorly executed updates can trip up a home sale and pose safety concerns. Know what to look for at your next listing appointment. 

  • Wed, 07/13/2016

    Protect yourself and polish your reputation by knowing how to present information—and when refer a client to someone else for assistance.

  • Wed, 07/13/2016

    Staying out of legal trouble means knowing what you need to say—and when to say nothing at all.


  • Wed, 07/13/2016

    Make sure you know how to act if you have to answer questions from an attorney.


  • Tue, 06/21/2016

    Just as real estate professionals are struggling to understand what defines advances in efficiency and smart-home technology, appraisers are also working to help define and quantify what this trend means for home sales now and in the near future.

  • Wed, 05/11/2016

    Property marketing is only one of the ways UAVs will bolster real estate.