April 23, 2018

Law & Ethics: Ethics Articles

  • Sat, 11/01/2003

    Good practice and common courtesy call for listing agents and buyer’s reps to maintain consistent and timely communication about the status of offers and counteroffers during negotiations.

  • Wed, 10/01/2003

    The Internet has changed some aspects of the way we do business and encouraged all of us to think up innovative ways to practice real estate. Don’t forget, though, that the Code of Ethics and the law still apply in the online realm.

  • Mon, 09/01/2003

    Soliciting others' clients violates the Code.

  • Fri, 08/01/2003

    The key concept for listing agents to remember is that their client, the seller, has the right to negotiate the sale of his or her property in any manner that’s legal under state law.

  • Sun, 06/01/2003

    The law, RESPA, prohibits kickbacks, commissions, and rebates for referring a buyer or seller to a settlement service provider such as a lender. If the payments are for referring business, there’s a violation of RESPA, regardless of whether the broker or salesperson receives payment.

  • Thu, 05/01/2003

    Don’t assume listing brokers will pay cooperative compensation because they allow you to show a property.

  • Tue, 04/01/2003

    Although we may have long-standing relationships with some customers, they aren’t our clients unless we establish an exclusive relationship with them.

  • Sat, 03/01/2003

    When seller clients instruct listing agents to disclose terms of competing offers, the agents should consult with their broker and attorney to ensure the disclosure is legal in their state and for guidance on how to carry out their clients’ instructions.

  • Wed, 01/01/2003

    Don’t wait until the last minute to meet NAR’s ethics education requirements.

  • Fri, 11/01/2002

    When a salesperson leaves with clients in tow, legal, ethical, and moral issues may arise.