June 18, 2018

Hot Color Palettes

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Hot Color Palettes

Let these four sets of colors—which take their cues from pop culture—inspire you.

2013 is a year of contrasts, according to Sherwin-Williams. Each year, the coating and color company releases a color forecast or “colormix.” SW’s most recent offering promises abundant diversity.

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“We know that people gravitate to personal preferences, but we are being shaped by the divergent energies pulsing all around us,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing. “Colormix 2013 embraces these conflicts and shows how colors are about a process of combination and creating unexpected harmony.”

Becky Spak, director of color marketing and design services, is  part of the team that dreamed up the four themes present in this year’s colormix—Vintage Moxie, Honed ­Vitality, High Voltage, and Midnight Mystery. Spak takes trend cues from the fashion world, but she says the team of designers brings multiple influences to the table, from pop culture to the economy. “We draw inspiration from each other,” she says.

Home stagers in more conservative markets may want to steer clear of the wilder tones: “These are just a guide,” Spak says, “a source of inspiration.” Get acquainted with the influences behind each of the four palettes, and identify spots in a listing that could benefit from a splash of Moxie or Mystery.

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