May 22, 2018

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  • 03/01/2008

    Porches, decks, and patios also are getting swankier, the equivalent of outdoor rooms with sophisticated furnishings and all the bells and whistles. Here's how to get these outdoor spaces the attention they deserve.

  • 02/01/2008

    Radiant heating and cooling is a hot innovation in green design, new construction, and renovations as home owners discover the advantages—not to mention, how it can pay off when they decide to sell. Here's what you need to know.

  • 01/01/2008

    With a recent resurgence of ballroom dancing, you'll want to be able to identify and properly market your listing's hidden ballroom. Even if your clients aren't dancers, they'll appreciate the history and versatility of these large spaces.

  • 12/01/2007
  • 10/01/2007

    Nearly a quarter of buyers said finding a home with one or more fireplaces was "very important" in their home-shopping decisions.  By being knowledgeable about the different types of fireplaces, you'll be able to meet such needs with a prospective buyer. Here's a primer.

  • 09/01/2007

    Thanks to specialized builders and remodelers, buyers can choose from numerous styles of log houses, from authentic rustic cabins to sprawling, luxury, high-tech homes. Here's a primer to help you and your clients understand the origins of log homes and stay current on the latest trends.

  • 08/01/2007

    Some home owners make handicap-friendly modifications after they move in, but more homes are built from the start for owners who plan for the day when they may have bad knees, poor eyesight, or need to use a walker. By expanding your knowledge of universal design, you'll put yourself ahead of your competition.

  • 07/01/2007

    The bathroom continues to be one of the most important rooms buyers consider when choosing a home.  That's why home owners spend generously on upgrades to this essential space — adding more square footage, bigger showers, fancier tubs, lots of light, sitting areas, and upscale fixtures.

  • 06/01/2007

    Your role as a real estate professional is to help buyers recognize the value of kitchens they view in homes and to help sellers show off their kitchen to its fullest — whether touting an efficient layout or the remodeling potential of an outdated space.

  • 05/01/2007

    Buyers who favor the iconic Cape Cod can find vintage and newer examples far beyond New England's borders. For home owners enamored with the small-is-beautiful concept, the Cape is like a dream come true.