May 22, 2018

Home & Design: Architecture Coach Articles

  • 07/23/2014

    Help your buyers and sellers dodge renovation obstacles to make the most of their basement space by converting it to a home office, hip lounge, gym, theater, or wine tasting room. The sky’s the limit.

  • 06/26/2014

    Widely popular in the 1950s, ranch-style homes are making a comeback among Baby Boomers, first-time buyers, and many in between. Help buyers understand the pros and cons to determine if this type of home is right for them.

  • 04/24/2014

    Whether they’re getting their house ready for the market or creating a dream kitchen in a home they just bought, clients considering a major kitchen redo will need guidance. Here are 12 tips and trends to help you serve as their resource.

  • 02/24/2014

    Help your clients create a backyard oasis for low-maintenance entertaining and calming tranquility that’s sure to catch buyers’ eyes.

  • 01/29/2014

    Here are 7 strategies to help your clients decide whether to list their home or make renovations that will help make their current house meet their needs.

  • 11/15/2013

    Tackling the renovation of a historic home can be overwhelming. Put your clients on track for successful project with this helpful list of dos and don’ts.

  • 09/20/2013

    Countertops make a huge difference in the look, function, and wear of a kitchen. They can also be a great change artist to spruce up an existing home for resale. Find out how you can guide home owners to make smart kitchen choices.

  • 08/14/2013

    Speedy construction and energy efficiency are among the advantages of prefabricated homes. But is this construction trend right for your clients? This Q&A will help dispel myths and give you footing to advise your clients.

  • 06/21/2013

    Help buyers and sellers think through the question of whether a pool—existing or new—is right for their house, yard, lifestyle, budget, and climate. Here are key points to weigh.

  • 06/10/2013

    Eight designers share secrets about the costs of assembling finished spaces—and the numbers may surprise you!