May 25, 2018

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  • 06/06/2016

    Growing concerns about bug-borne illnesses and overexposure to harmful rays have boosted the appeal of the screened porch, which offers a protected, front-row seat to nature. 

  • 01/19/2016

    This common, one-story house with a low profile has a distinguished American pedigree. Yet, for decades it’s been overshadowed. As the ranch again attracts attention, learn about its best features and how older, dated examples can become strikingly modern.

  • 11/19/2015

    Many home owners with an unfinished attic have a viable option when they want more living space. Remodeling this topmost area may be more cost-effective and easier than excavating a dark, damp basement or building out new square footage.

  • 04/06/2015

    With spring in full bloom, home owners are ready to enjoy their yards. Share how a master landscape plan can improve an entire site, satisfy their wish list, and help a property appeal to future buyers.

  • 04/02/2015

    Adding a platform that raises people and things from one level to another in a home is more than a desirable amenity for buyers. For many, it’s a necessity.

  • 03/03/2015

    Awnings can offer style, historic significance, and energy savings. But they’re not all created equal. Learn when they help your listing, and when they can hurt your chances of finding a buyer.

  • 01/06/2015

    Despite the increased prominence of back doors, mudrooms, and other alternative entryways, most visitors still enter a home through its front door. Here’s how you can help buyers and sellers set the stage for a gracious point of arrival.

  • 10/14/2014

    Here are 10 trends in home amenities and interior design that elicit interest from the newest generation of buyers.

  • 09/25/2014

    Some buyers want them, others don’t. But before your clients rush into major structural changes to rid their home of a formal dining space, here are some options that may affordably meet their needs.

  • 08/26/2014

    Good lighting can make a room look more attractive, larger, more romantic — even safer. Help home owners make smart decisions that turn buyers on.