January 16, 2018

How Politics and Business Clashed in 2017

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How Politics and Business Clashed in 2017

You may have noticed that the extremely partisan political climate had some effect on your business relationships in 2017. Managing conflict with clients and colleagues amid a culture of divisiveness was our most popular sales and marketing topic this year, along with tips on improving your listing etiquette and sales pitches to FSBOs, among others. Brush up on your sales skills with our top five sales and marketing stories of 2017.

When Clients Talk Politics, Stay Above the Fray
Public discourse was particularly volatile this year, as political divides widened. For some real estate professionals, such social abrasiveness filtered into their professional relationships. Find out how practitioners learned to address political topics while preserving client bonds.

Dos and Don’ts to Win the Listing
Maryland real estate agent Peter Murray chronicles his first experience working with a seller lead, recalling what went wrong and why he failed to get the business. As a new agent himself, the lessons Murray details in this article can prepare rookies for working with their first clients.

The Right Way to Approach FSBOs
Stats show that 89 percent of sellers work with a real estate professional to sell their home, which speaks to strong opportunities to convert FSBOs to clients. But you have to use a specific method to convince these DIY sellers to use your services. Here’s a good way to go about it.

5 Things to Remember When You Fail
It can feel like a personal defeat when a real estate deal falls apart. But if you allow the sting of a lost opportunity to engulf your thought process, you’ll take longer to get back on your feet. Chicago practitioner Melanie Stone recalls how she bounced back from a rough patch in her business.

Should New Agents Join a Team or Go Solo?
A critical decision rookies must make is whether to establish themselves as an individual agent or as part of a team. Neither choice necessarily presents a smoother road to success. It depends on what’s most important to you. Find out the pros and cons of each path.

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