February 25, 2018

What Pets Secretly Loathe About Your Home

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What Pets Secretly Loathe About Your Home

More homeowners are putting an emphasis on their pets’ priorities when home shopping, according to recent surveys. For example, a third of recent home buyers ages 18 to 36 say their decision to purchase was based on the desire for a larger property with a yard for their dog, according to a survey by Harris Poll conducted for SunTrust Mortgage. Further, 33 percent of 412 young adults surveyed listed their pet as their top homebuying motivation.

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So what kinds of home preferences do pets have? Daniel Bortz, a real estate pro in the Washington, D.C., area, wrote an article for® on the traits in a home that pets really don’t like, including:

Hardwood floors

Dogs often have a tough time walking on hardwood floors. Wailani Sung, a veterinary behaviorist and owner of All Creates Behavior Counseling in Kirkland, Wash., recommends placing non-skid area rugs on the ground to make floors less slippery and easier to walk on for pets. Or, consider buying nonslip rubber rings that can slide onto a dog’s toenails to improve traction (one company that makes these is called ToeGrips).

Scented cleaning products

Strong odors can be a nuisance to pets’ noses. “Even a mild-scented cleaner can be a problem, since [odors] smell stronger to dogs than they do to us,” says Jenna Stregowski, a registered veterinary technician. Instead, choose odorless cleaners.

Chain-link fences

These can be problematic for dogs. They can see through chain-link fences, but they’ll go crazy when they can’t chase every stray cat or squirrel that scampers by. Mikkel Becker, an animal trainer at, recommends opting for a fence with solid panels that block the dog’s line of sight, or buy wooden boards or vinyl panels to cover up gaps in an existing chain-link fence.

Dark spaces

Cats and dogs crave vitamin D from sunlight. Don’t keep pets in a basement. Open blinds and let them stretch out in the sun.

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