March 19, 2018

Use Aluminum Foil to Strengthen Wi-Fi Signal

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Use Aluminum Foil to Strengthen Wi-Fi Signal

Researchers at Dartmouth University have discovered that you can improve a wireless network’s range and increase Wi-Fi security by using aluminum foil as a reflector on and around a router’s antenna. “With a simple investment of about $35 and specifying coverage requirements, a wireless reflector can be custom built to outperform antennae that cost thousands of dollars,” Xia Zhou, an assistant professor at Dartmouth, told technology news website TechCrunch.

Researchers tested several styles of directional antennae and documented their findings in a white paper. Aluminum foil containing 3-D reflector print was found to perform the best. You can shape the beam to point your signal and make the signal stronger in a nearby room. Watch a video explaining this hack below.

Source: “Researchers Discover Aluminum Foil Actually Does Improve Your Wireless Speed,” TechCrunch (Nov. 8, 2017)