October 17, 2017

Tacos, Anyone? Real Estate Pro Makes an Offer

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Tacos, Anyone? Real Estate Pro Makes an Offer

An Albuquerque real estate pro is becoming known as the “taco guy” with a marketing ploy to offer up an endless supply of tacos to the buyer of his listing.

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"The response has been incredible,” Michael Leathers, a broker with Coldwell Banker Legacy, told KOAT ABC 7 News. “I've gotten listing calls … I’m getting Facebook shares. It's been really, really good. Who doesn't love tacos?"

Leathers posted a sign outside the townhome he’s selling that reads “free $500 in tacos when you buy this home.” He’s hoping it’ll speed the sale of the $174,900 home. He’s ready to offer a gift card for $500 worth of tacos to the buyer’s favorite taco shop in town.

The townhome has been on the market since May, and Leathers wanted to renew interest in the property. He’s hoping tacos will be the secret spice to renewing interest in the property after a sluggish summer. Leathers plans to have an open house this weekend at the listing. He’ll be serving tacos.  

Source: “REALTOR® Cooks Up Interest by Offering $500 Worth of Tacos With Town House,” KOAT ABC 7 News (Sept. 19, 2017)