November 22, 2017

Trivia: The Oldest Home For Sale in U.S.

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Trivia: The Oldest Home For Sale in U.S.

The Thomas Lincoln House in Hingham, Mass., isn't just the oldest home for sale in the U.S. — it's more than a century older than the country it's in. Built in 1650, the house has moved from its original plot of land over its lifespan of well over three centuries. It’s weathered a lot of history too, including Massachusetts declaring its independence from England twice, in 1652 and 1776.

“Walking through the home is like stepping back in time to witness the Colonial architecture from 1650 through the 1700s,” listing agent Rosemary Sullivan told®. “You can really see the different details on the first and second floors.”

In 1735, during the winter months, the entire house was dragged over frozen marshes to reach its current address on Mars Hill. The Lincoln family then was able to expand the home in the early 1700s at its new location.

The house has ties to Abraham Lincoln’s family. It belonged to his brother Thomas Lincoln and the home remained in the Lincoln family until 1939.

The four-bedroom, two-bath house is being listed for $429,900, in as-is condition. The Colonial-styled home features five fireplaces and original wood floors and crown molding.

Sullivan has listed historic homes before. She’s also the listing agent on a home built in 1751 in Hingham as well as a Victorian home built 116 years ago in Cohasset. She says it takes a special buyer to appreciate the history of these homes.

“There are always renovations to be done,” she says. “You’ll need a home inspector that specializes in antiques. They know what to look for, the foundations and other signs.” But she adds that the “antique buyer” tends to appreciate such homes the most — “a buyer who understands that this isn’t an open floor plan. It would be a shame to tear down these hand-hewn beams.”

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