May 21, 2018

Real Estate’s BFF: A Dog?

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Real Estate’s BFF: A Dog?

A five-year-old Shih Tzu Cavalier cross named Tiffany is becoming a top model in real estate photos in Australia. The dog’s owner Tracey Ashley, a real estate pro with RE/MAX United Vision in Carina, Queensland, is using the small dog throughout the photos she shoots of her listings to appeal to dog-loving home shoppers.

Your best ally? The Power of Pets in Real Estate

During her own house-hunt two years ago, Ashley says “I found it very hard to work out which properties were pet-friendly or weren’t. I thought, wouldn’t it make it easier for buyers if I could put Tiffany in my properties that are pet-friendly.”

Ashley says she received “nearly double” the amount of page views of properties that her dog Tiffany appears in compared to those where she doesn’t. So she’s now letting every one of her sellers choose if they want the dog to appear in the listing photos.

“Sellers are ringing up and saying, we’ve seen your photos with Tiffany, can we get you to sell our house with her in it,” Ashley told “It’s kinda snowballed … we even get buyers asking us if Tiffany has been in other listings.”

And just so potential buyers aren’t left wondering the whereabouts, Ashley says she’ll bring Tiffany to open houses to greet buyers too.

Tiffany – who Ashley markets as the “Pink Property Pooch” – has her own Facebook page too with property listings.

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